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Free Sugar Smart App May Help You Cut Down in 2016

Public Health England have developed an app to help consumers combat the health risks of eating too much sugar.
With a catalogue of over 75,000 popular products, the Change4Life Sugar Smart app works by showing the number of grams or cubes of sugar in each product when the barcode is scanned. 

It's hoped that the app will be particularly useful to parents, as Public Health England have said that children aged 4 to 10 are eating 22kg of added sugar per year. 

The recommended daily sugar allowances are:
4 to 6 year olds - five sugar cubes or 19g
7 to 10 year olds - six sugar cubes or 24g
11 year olds and above - seven sugar cubes or 30g

Find the Change4Life app in the app store, or book an appointment with us for advice.

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