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Sculptures on Show at the Griffin Dental Practice

  1. "Chain in Green" - created in 2015.
  2. "Chain in Blue" - created in 2015.
  3. "Group Megaliths" - this group is made up of "megalith 1", "megalith 2" and "megalith 4". All three were created in 2001.
  4. "Motion in Time" - this kinetic sculpture was created in 2014.


I grew up in a family business that had for several decades been involved in river/dock activities - barges, wharfage, marine construction and demolition, dredging, salvage etc. After leaving university I ran a small shipyard on the south bank of the Humber with my brothers for 30 years.

The shipyard closed in 1998. It was necesssary for me to stay on site for a further 5 years until sale of the yard could be completed. During that time I ran a small skip business and started to make sculpture on a regular basis and entering work in local exhibitions including the Ferens Open. After the yard sale I stayed on at the shipyard for several years in a consultancy role with free use of a workshop to develop my sculpture. This arrangement came to a close in 2009 and since then I have made my sculptures in Barton upon Humber.

My background has, of course, influenced my sculptures, but also having readily available materials and objects around, as I did, pointed me in certain directions. I made my first chain sculptures from old anchor chain in 1998.

I created the series of megaliths after seeing the standing stones at Carnac in northern France. The visit coincided with the discovery of "Woodhenge" in England. I started to imagine what our ancestors might have created in timber before turning to stone.

I made my first kinetic sculpture in 2013. It came about because I had objects and steel that I wanted to use. The first one taught me a lot about creating dynamic balance and the behaviour  of such structures in wind. The one on show is the 4th. kinetic sculpture that I made.

Further information about my work can be found on my website:- www.sculpturalstructures.co.uk

David Cook

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