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Poor Dental Health Affects Both Children & Families

Did you know children who have tooth decay (approximately 25% of 5 year olds) often have difficulties eating, sleeping and even socialising.

What’s more, poor dental health in children not only affects them, in terms of missing school, but also affects their parents too. The majority of children with tooth decay and poor dental health miss on average at least 2 school days per year, but a Public Health England survey found this figure rises to as many as 15 days in some areas.

This also results in a large number of missed working days where parents and carers have to take time off to look after their children.

Oral health is such an important part of a child’s overall health and school readiness, and should be taken seriously.

To avoid tooth decay, children’s sugar intake should be monitored closely by parents and carers, along with regular brushing and dental checkups.

Book your child in for a dental check-up today with Ayer Dental Practice, and we will happily advise on how to improve your child’s oral health. Call 01482 506004 to book an appointment.

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